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Me, myself and me

(O) Hello, my name is Aristide Aragon, and this is my homepage.

(O) I'm studying a masters in Computer Science in ITESM in Mexico city.

(O) I love programming, and know a bunch of programming languages. If you need a developer you may want to take a look at my curriculum.

(O) Here you can find information on some of the projects I've worked on.

(O) I love and respect all life forms, including plants and animals. I particulrly love animals a lot. I particularly like Felines a lot, especially big felines. I particularly like Lions of all big Felines. I also like dogs (doggies) a lot.

(O) I am a big fan of Disney's animated feature "The Lion King", I also love other cartoons like Rocko's modern life. You probably came here looing for my cartoons page, O-town, you can click here to go to it.

(O) I used to run a MUCK (there is no single widely accepted definition of MUCK, but I like Multi User Character Kingdom) on my local server, it's name was BusaMUCK and it's web page address I also used to roleplay a Warthog named Furahi (among other characters) in The Lion King MUCK; In African Tails MUCK I roleplayed a small Lion Cub called Zuri. I was in many other MUCKs, in some as a player, in some as a Wizzard (admin), only in my own as both.

(O) I wrote a small story about a young Lion cub named Zuri (that is not the same cub as Zuri, from African Tails MUCK). If you want to read it, it has its own web page. While the story won't get me the Novel price of Literature, many people has liked it.. and many people has told me they wish they hadn't read it. Make your own opinion and let me know what you think.

(O) I am one of the few fans of the Lion King character Pumbaa, and a few years ago there were even less, so I decided to start the PUFF (Pumbaa Union of Frantic Fans). It has a web page and all you just have to click here to go.

(O) I apologize if this page isn't as flashy as you could want it to be, but I am a beleiver of the Best viewed with any browser and KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) movements.

(O) Should you want to e-mail me, you can use the address webpage/at\busa dot lionking dot org.

Lion Cub hugging mummy

Copyright (C) Aristide Aragon, 2001